Jan 21

Colonels, Get Your Art On: The Shaw Arts, Crafts, and Fashion Market

The holidays may be over, but luckily, some things are here to stay! One of those things? The Shaw Arts, Crafts, and Fashion Market. That’s right. As of January 16, they’ve extended their hours and days (see below for details). Colonels, get your art on!

Here are our reasons you need to visit this market ASAP:

Close to Home

The best part might be that this is all happening right down the road from The Colonel (at 651 Florida Avenue NW) – just walk up 6th Street for 15 minutes, or drive for five. Whatever way you get there, do it soon! Like this cold weather, there aren’t any guarantees on how long it’ll stick around (March? June? Who knows).

Quality Artwork

Forget stuffy galleries (OK, don’t completely forget them), and head here to see some fresh work by incredibly talented local artists! All of the art is curated carefully by ArtRave, so it’s quality. If you haven’t bought a standout piece of art for your apartment yet, now’s the time. Grab a friend who’s been looking, too. They’ll be forever thankful.

Free to Enter

In a world where you “can’t buy free lunch,” there’s a free event in your neighborhood. Aren’t you lucky to live in Shaw, DC?

Friday Night Scene

If you show up on Friday from 7pm to 12 midnight, you’ll enjoy live painting, mood lighting, and great music. The social scene that emerges is pretty cool, and it’s a great place to invite your friends – or just mingle and meet some new ones!

Delicious Food Nearby

When you’re completely shopped out, there’s nothing better than collapsing in a chair and asking for DC’s finest faire. In the mood for Korean fried chicken? Head to KoChix (400 Florida Ave NW).  Want to cool your heels (and tired arms) with a craft ale and tender lamb dip? Head to Right Proper Brewing Company (624 T St NW). Craving comfort food? Thai X-ing (515 Florida Ave NW) has your number.

Once you realize how much the Shaw neighborhood around The Colonel has to offer, the more you realize you don’t need to go anywhere else. OK, that may not be completely true – but think about it: where else can you get Ethiopian food and Korean food within blocks of each other? Where else can you enjoy a festival like The Shaw Arts, Crafts, and Fashion Market? And if you haven’t moved into The Colonel yet, we suggest getting in touch with us today!

Hours for The Shaw Arts, Crafts, and Fashion Market:

Fridays, 11 AM-5 PM: Crafts and Fashion; 7 PM-12 AM: Paintings

Saturdays, 12 PM-8 PM: Arts, Crafts and Fashion

Sundays, 12 PM-6 PM: Arts, Crafts and Fashion


Image: Flickr