Feb 25

Colonels, Meet Your Neighbors: Marina Rostein

At The Colonel, you’re surrounded by interesting neighbors. Naturally, we’re all curious about the new kid next door. Well, we recently interviewed Meet Marina Rostein, an avid foodie and lover of all things Shaw who just moved in. Colonels, ready to meet your neighbors?

  1. How long have you lived in DC? Where are you from originally? I am from Chicago originally. I have been in DC for almost five years. I moved to the Colonel from another local building

  2. Favorite guilty pleasure food?  Pickles, cheese fries, and tons of chocolate. I also get made fun of for loving Sbarro, which is so rude!

  3. In your opinion, what’s the coolest food trend of 2014-15? Ramen.

  4. Is there anything you absolutely refuse to eat? Yes, anything made with tilapia.  Also I have a category of foods I describe as “weird meats” that I won’t touch (partially because I don’t eat pork but things other than pork are included). These are things like “head cheese” and pork belly…just no.

  5. Do you cook at The Colonel? Where do you buy fresh ingredients? I will absolutely cook in the Colonel… love my kitchen! I buy fresh ingredients daily from a variety nearby stores, including Giant, Trader Joes, and the DuPont Farmer’s Market.

  6. In one word, could you sum up the restaurant scene in DC? In Shaw? Booming!

  7. Favorite fancy dinner spot near The Colonel, and why? Rogue24! It’s a dining experience unlike others.

  8. Best brunch/breakfast spot near The Colonel? I love bakeries! Rare Sweets, The Wydown and Dolci Gelati are the best!

  9. Do you have any favorite chefs? Any near The Colonel?  Jose Andres [of Minibar, China Chilcano, Jaleo, and Oyamel].

  10. How do you discover the restaurants you love? Friends? Yelp? Tons of food blogs and with the wisdom of other foodie friends!

  11. What are you currently reading? Food blogs!

  12. What’s your personal motto?  Explore new things every day.

  13. Wine, beer, or both? Any favorites? Wine! Albarino is preferred.

  14. How do you eat your pizza? I fold it over.

  15. What is the key to making an OK meal great? Great service.

  16. Favorite local coffee spots? Compass Coffee, La Colombe, Dolci Gelati, and The Wydown.

On behalf of every curious neighbor at The Colonel – thanks Marina! Now that you’ve heard it from a foodie, check out some of the great neighborhood spots that were mentioned. They’re all just steps away from your home, and they’re well worth checking out. Explore Shaw today, and if you haven’t moved into The Colonel yet, start here.

Image: Popville