Jan 28

Express Yourself: Apartment Decor Near the Colonel

When you first got Myspace, what’s the first thing you did? You probaby decked out your profile and probably took quizzes that illuminated certain facts about yourself (i.e., your soul animal, where you should really live in the world). When you got your first locker, you covered the inside in stickers, photos, and magnets.

Now that you’ve grown out of your childhood bedroom, dorm room, and shared apartment, it’s time to seize the opportunity to express yourself through your apartment style. Learn all about the best kinds of apartment decor near The Colonel Apartments in Shaw, DC:

Let’s start with the basics: furniture. Sure, there are warehouses that sell plenty of cheap furniture – but you’re a Colonel, and Colonels are into quality. If you’re interested in comfortable, chic furniture that’s understated and elegant, check out Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams (1526 14th St NW). On a vintage kick? Check out Miss Pixie’s (1626 14th St NW) – the furniture that comes in will always be one of a kind. Bonus: you’re just down the street, and they deliver.

Now that you’ve established some key furniture pieces to anchor your room, it’s time to think about fabric. Curtains, rugs, and throws can go a long way in creating the environment you want – and it’s far easier than you think.

Complement the colors of your furniture, and consider the colors and patterns that you’re naturally drawn to.  If you already own a piece you enjoy, you’ve got a head start. Begin building around it. For inspiration, check out LongView Gallery (1234 9th St NW). Then, head to Simon Vintage Furniture and Homegoods (1911 9th St NW) or always-classy West Elm (1728 14th St NW) when you’re ready.

Now, for the final touch. Get some living things to fill your space! There’s nothing like plants to bring your apartment to life. Old City Farm & Guild (925 Rhode Island Ave NW) plant nursery has a plant (or two) waiting for you – and they’re organic and grown around the Shaw neighborhood. Don’t have green thumbs? Get a gorgeous bouquet at Lush Arrangements (1210 R St NW) and just pretend.

One last thing – when it comes to expressing yourself, customization is key. If you’d like to get a professional’s opinion, we recommend you check in with Darryl Carter (1320 9th Street), an amazing interior designer who just moved into the Shaw neighborhood. And every floorplan at The Colonel is uniquely designed to fit you – whatever your decor style. If you haven’t moved in yet, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!

Image: Flickr