Jan 14

All Friends on Deck: Hosting a Rooftop Party at The Colonel

We all know what happens at most house parties – regardless of the guests’ ages, there’s nearly always a ridiculous mess to clean up the next morning.

Why not take that party outside? The Colonel’s party-ready, with a rooftop deck, firepit, kitchen, and theater. Trust us, you’re set up to host the best party in Shaw.

If you’re a small group, have everyone meet up in the courtyard near the fireplace – then head upstairs to the rooftop deck (which of course, you’ve reserved in advance for a larger party). Good drinks are crucial, and although you can always pick up some two-buck check, check out Modern Liquors for something finer. Here are our ideas for main events:

Game Night

Pick up Cards Against Humanity or play charades. Whatever you play, make sure it’s something everyone can participate in, that won’t last for days, and doesn’t get overly competitive (read: forget Monopoly or Risk).

Movie Night

Choose a crowd-pleasing movie; depending on the ages and tastes of your guests. Comedies are always a good choice for mixed groups. Documentaries? Eh…hit or miss. Although if you’re having a sushi night, you can’t go wrong with Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

Play Poker

…or any good ol’ Vegas-themed card game. Bust out chips, dip, pretzels – nothing too messy or fancy (grab them at Streets Market and Cafe, 2400 14th St NW). You’ll need both hands, and nobody likes grimy cards, right?


Don’t just cook chicken. I mean, you can, but the possibilities are endless. Be creative! Sushi, the perfect steak, shellfish – give your guests an evening of entertainment and skills they’ll use. Have guests bring portions of the meal, and buy the rest at nearby Whole Foods (1440 P St NW) or eclectic FieldtoCity (200 Rhode Island Ave NW).

Star Gaze

Bring back middle school excitement – get a telescope (or a friend with a telescope), and grab some blankets to ward off the chill. (Note: everyone can find the Big Dipper, even without a telescope.) Hot chocolate and tea are musts – pick some up at the stellar Compass Coffee (1535 7th St NW).


Hire a DJ, or create an awesome playlist. We’ll give you fair warning – if you don’t have a good mix of people you know like to dance, this could get awkward. But with the right mix, you’ll have a party that will be tough to end!

Whatever theme you choose, you can’t go wrong when you’re hanging out with friends on a beautiful terrace. And the best part? At the end of the night, you can head back to your place knowing it’s going to be as spotless and inviting as you left it.