Mar 11

Lighten Up: Five Easy Ways to Create a Fresh Look

Spring is just around the corner–why not shake off those winter blues early with some apartment therapy? Go beyond the usual cleaning; get crafty, find clever ways to organize, or do the Feng Shui thing and rearrange a bit.

Don’t just wait for spring to come to you, make it happen now with a fresh interior look. Thinking you’re ready for a total overhaul? There are plenty of great shops near the Colonel for all your apartment decor needs. Life’s too short not to live in style – so it’s time to lighten up. Here are five easy ways to create a fresh look at your apartment:

Step 1: Colorize

Cool, soft tones with subtly warm accents are in this year. These aren’t your Grandma’s pastels; they’re more what your life would look like through an Instagram filter. Bring beachy serenity to your living room with Scuba Blue throw pillows or go for a retro vibe in your bedroom with Toasted Almond and Classic Blue accents.

Step 2: Get Lit

Banish dark and dreary winter for good with updated lighting. This could be as simple as adding a handmade night light from Etsy to your bathroom or something more drastic like finally installing that dining room chandelier you’ve always dreamed of. For some nearby inspiration, try Urban Essentials on 14th near Logan Circle.

Step 3: Minimize & Organize

When in doubt, organize. Modern design trends are all about clean lines and minimalism. The Internet is full of clever household storage ideas. And when it comes to those items that just sit around taking up space, toss them. Spring is a great time to de-stress and declutter.

Step 4: DIY-ify

As the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder wear off, you’ll need an outlet for all of your pent up energy. Get inspired and hang some beaded planters (this works for Step 5, too, see below) or dip-dye some dip-dye some white curtains to colorize and accomplish two steps at once.

Step 5: Go Green

Bring spring indoors and go natural with some potted flowers or indoor plants. Not only do plants look cheery, they actually make us happier. You can go for something practical like a countertop herb garden, or if you don’t have a natural green thumb, try a low-maintenance succulent garden.

There’s no shame in taking some time during the winter to hibernate, but when a you-shaped indentation begins to form in the couch, it’s time to get inspired and bring spring to you with an updated look for your apartment. Not yet a Colonel? A new apartment would make a wonderful blank canvas for all of your spring decorating ideas. Contact us today to get started!

Image: Flickr