Mar 18

Your New Favorite Spot: Chercher Ethiopian Restaurant

Serving up warm, friendly service and Ethiopian favorites like Kitfo, Gored Gored and mouthwatering vegetarian options, it’s no wonder that Chercher Ethiopian Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants in the Shaw neighborhood. A combination of helpful staff and family-style dining make for a congenial, welcoming atmosphere and delicious food will keep you coming back again and again. If you’re lucky enough to call The Colonel your home, the restaurant is just a quick 5-minute walk away on 9th Street NW at O.

A Highly-Rated Restaurant in D.C.’s Shaw Neighborhood

Dozens of 5-star Yelp reviews have touted Chercher as one of the best Ethiopian restaurants in the city. Walking over the threshold is like stepping into an aromatic embrace, the cozy and intimate interior evoking all manner of warm foodie feelings. The Regular and Special Veggie Combos–featuring five and seven items, respectively–are front runners on the menu, with the spicy lentils, cabbage and carrots earning high praise. For carnivores, there are a wealth of options to choose from including dishes featuring beef, lamb, and fish.

More Than Just a Meal

Do you enjoy trying new cuisine with fellow foodies? Chercher is the perfect place to invite your friends for an immersive, communal dining experience. Traditionally, Ethiopian cuisine is enjoyed “family style” with one big platter shared in the middle of the table. The flavor experience is further enhanced when you forgo utensils and enjoy the meal in the traditional Ethiopian style of eating with your hands. Here’s a hot tip: fold a morsel of the main dish into a piece of injera, the slightly sour flatbread with a sponge-like texture served with your meal, and enjoy. Mix and match tidbits of different dishes to try different flavor combinations and truly savor the meal.

Nothing but the Highest Quality

Named for the Chercher Mountains – a lush, culturally and geographically diverse region in Ethiopia’s West Hararghe Zone – Chercher Ethiopian Restaurant serves up authentic cuisine native to its namesake region. In its high and low lands, the Chercher region is widely known for producing high-quality fruits, vegetables, grains, and beef. In fact, Chercher beef is often featured as the main component of traditional Ethiopian dishes including Kitfo and Tibs, which are popular items you will also find featured on Chercher Ethiopian Restaurant’s menu. It is this culinary tradition of unparalleled taste and freshness that Chercher Ethiopian Restaurant brings to us, right here in Shaw.

When something this good is right in your backyard, you can’t ignore it. But as we said above, Chercher Ethiopian Restaurant is a small place. You can take your chances at the door, but we recommend a reservation, particularly because it’s such a popular spot. Whether you’re a foodie or you just love good food, Chercher is sure to delight for lunch or dinner. Make your reservation online or give them a call at (202) 202-2020 today.

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Image: Flickr