Feb 18

Refresh Your Look: Hairstylists and Barbers in Shaw

It’s easy to overlook simple things like a haircut when you’re busy. If you haven’t yet decided on your styling spot, check out some of these top hairstylists and barbers in Shaw, DC. They’re only a few steps away from The Colonel, so you’ll never have to rush to your appointment again.

Salon Le Fini
(1543 New Jersey Ave NW)

If you’re looking to make a big change with your hair color, you can’t go wrong with Le Fini. They use Schwarzkopf, Wella, and Goldwell dyes that will keep your hair looking luxurious and decidedly un-drugstore. They offer a plethora of services, including simple blowouts, evening updos, Brazilian blowouts, and razor cuts. Whatever look you’re going for, meet with the stylist for a consultation beforehand so you know you’ll end up with something you’ll love.


Halycon (1326 8th St NW)

This salon’s tagline is “renew, restore, rejuvenate,” and they offer treatments that go way beyond the usual wash/cut/blow dry. If you need something treated – everything from brittle hair to baldness gets treated by a “Trichologist.” She gets to the root of the problem (no pun intended) based on your personal genetics, stress, diet, and health.


Barber of Hell’s Bottom (818 Rhode Island Ave NW)

You’ll get the full barbershop experience at this old-school classy joint, which also happens to be the most social out of the group. Get a cut, hot shave or beard trim, and natural grey blending. They might be conventional, but their styles don’t have to be. You can check out their team and request a specific stylist, if you’d like, and see their Instagram for cut inspiration.


Taylor and York Salon (1604 7Th Street NW)

Taylor and York is about as upscale as it sounds, but prices aren’t sky-high. According to one customer, “It really feels like the neighborhood gathering place with none of the prima donna attitude you might find in other salons!” Also, they give out treats before your treatment – another customer mentioned a salt caramel muffin and a coffee. (Count us in!)

Now that you have plenty of options to get your locks chopped/styled/trimmed, isn’t it time to make an appointment? And speaking of appointments, if you’re considering moving into The Colonel, contact us today to ask questions and set up a time to check out our incredible community in Shaw, DC! Like a good haircut, we’re forward thinking and classy, all at the same time.

Image: Flickr